Inchmine Lace-up Mask (Hand) - 5pcs/ box
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From the cuticle to the elbow Fatigue Relief, Soothing, Moisturizing, Nourishing.

Easy & Convenient total hand care
Easy and simple step by step with long mask wrapping hands and arms to relieve fatigue + Soothing moisturizing + Nourishing + whitening care

Functional brightening effect
Niacinamide, a functional brightening ingredient, gives off its dark and dull skin tone in a clear and transparent manner, returning to its baby hand-colored hands!

High nutrition moisturizing intensive care
Roses, chamomile, and cherry extracts provide a soothing effect for rough and dry hands and arms, as well as plenty of moisture and nutrition for cuticles and nails.

~ Patented ring attached sticker, convenient feeling
~ Made of special waterproof fabric, the essence does not leak
~ It is made by suspension injection method, and the effective ingredient is uniformly adhered to the skin without aggregation.